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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!

Hi, all! I've got news! Just two headline-worthy news. At least I think they're headline-worthy. :)

First, I guess one or two of you have noticed the new comment form. Isn't it a huge improvement?? I've researched on improved comment forms and have finally decided to get use Disqus. I love it! It's more versatile and has a lot of cool features that one could not find with the standard Blogger comment form. So, let me give you a brief idea how it works..

If you click on the Comments and Reactions link to leave a comment, the comment form will appear out of nowhere looking like this.

And then, assuming you would like to leave a comment and you click on the input field (the box where you write your comment), the "+ image" button will be enabled along with the "Post as..." button. See image below.

The "+ image" is fooorrr - drum roll please - adding an image to your comment! Fun right? You can share photos and links to craft rooms that you found inspiring and would like to share! And then of course, you can also add in photos of what you've been up to this week like craft projects and stuff and invite other readers over to visit your blog. :)

The "Post as..." button will give you options on what account you'd like to post your comment with. Clicking on it will give you this pop-up box.

Don't forget to click the "Link to your website" link below the box where you're supposed to type in your name. It'll add another blank field where you can provide a link to your blog. :)

Another feature I love about this comment form is this..

The option to reply to a comment! Eeeep! How cool is that! Okay, I'm sure some of you, my tech-savvy friends, don't really find this new but to me it is, it is!! It's a great improvement from my old comment form indeed.

That said, I do hope you'll put it to use. haha It would be sad to have an excellent comment form without comments. *cringe*

Okay, on to another news! Hubby and I have been looking around for a good craft table for quite some time now. One that would store my craft supplies and one that will not burn holes in our pockets. I wanted one because, well, it would be awesome to have my very own space. Hubby wanted me to have one because he was just tired of seeing my stuff everywhere. haha

Anyway, I found this table from Ikea and I thought it's perfect for me! I don't have much stuff yet so I think the storage space is enough, at least for a while. I would have loved to have more shelves of course, but budget was really a great concern for us.

Of course, we could not afford this exact same table so we looked for an alternative. And we actually found one! :) Hubby bought it for me as a birthday gift! Had my birthday a week ago, by the way. :) It was fun and my mum came over to visit. Okay, back to the table. Would you believe we got this for $70?? And it's brand new!

Granted, it does not look exactly like the Ikea table but still, value for money right?? This is a photo of the shop display, not really what we got. Well, the same table except we got it in wenge.

So now I'm excitedly planning how to set up my table! :) I'm sketching away! Will post my untidy sketch soon! So far, I've decided on two things. The first is that it will be girly. haha I'm just too much of a girly-girl to have it otherwise. The second is that the color scheme will be white, pink and yellow. Much like this craft area below. Except I don't think I can ever make it look that pretty.

Thanks for everyone who put in their two cents when I asked for help on deciding which table to pick.

And thanks for dropping by today! :)


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