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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Definitely EM-proved!

A dramatic makover today from Miss Em's blog..

BEFORE *cringe*:

AFTER *sigh*:

A beautiful transformation don't you think? I don't even know what the house's previous owners were thinking with that "BEFORE" style! 

So. Got some news for you all today. I've been putting this off for the reason that I wanted it to be worth your while when I tell you ladies about it but I'm just too excited and I've got nothing to lose so.. What the heck. I've put up my very own website! Weee! It's a card-making site for beginners (I repeat - beginners - so please don't expect too much). And this is just as well since I'm nowhere near the professional league. haha It's not much right now but it'll get there. When I get more free time, I'll change the cards to prettier ones. I'm not feeling them much right now. I made the site look much like a really simple blog to make navigation pretty easy. That and because I am HTML and CSS illiterate and I know no programming stuff. ha ha

It's only a month old so please be kind with your comments. But um, I would very much appreciate constructive criticism and suggestions too! 

Oh and we have some free beautiful printable cards by Artisan Design Studio too! You can find those in the printables section. :) My good friend April, the lady behind Artisan Design Studio, also posted about the pretty printables here

So if you have time, do drop by and visit www.lets-make-greeting-cards.com. I know the site name's not one to be excited much about but it's good for the search engines so I went with it. Plus, it lets everyone know right away what the site is about. :) But before you head there, again please don't expect much. It's really, really new. Under construction. *deep breath* Now I'm getting worried. Ok go and let's just get this over with. 

Thanks for all the support, ladies! :)


LOVE your room. Great color. (Showed the hubs to give him the hint....)

Love this....:) Sandra H

Hi Sweetie! I've not been able to get on-line for more than a week...grrrr...so just catchin' up! Popped by your new cardmaking site....lots of potential there, girlie....wish I'd had something like it when I was startin' out, lol....so hope you have TONS of luck with it. Apart from the newsletter, couldn't find a Follow button...just sayin', heehee.

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