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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rain or Swain

Hi, all! I've got two things to share today!

First, I'd like to chitchat a bit and tell you something that's been lifting my mood.. Rain! It's been raining here in my country for the past few days and I just love it! Of course, I can't really feel happy about flooded areas (and there are a lot!) but it's been soooo hot for too many days that I'm really glad to get a few days of colder temperature. So I've been lazing around for the past two days, enjoying the weather and sleeping in (a bit too much). Ah, life... :)

The second thing I'd like to share is... a happy ending. Don't you just love happily-ever-afters? I'm a hopeless romantic so I absolutely do. It's the perfect end to every story. But what I'd like to share is not really a romantic kind of happy ending but it melts my heart nevertheless. So here's the story..

Once upon a time, there was this little girl's bedroom. It was adorable albeit a bit too bare. The little girl loved it very much anyway.

Time came for the little girl's family to move and sell the house to new owners, Kristy and her husband. Now Kristy was a talented designer and craft enthusiast and after using the girl's room as a guest room for a year, she finally decided to make better use of it and went into turning the little girl's room into an office/craft room.

IMG_4455 (640x428)

Erm. It was okay. It was functional but not really that inspiring. So she gathered all her creativity juices and got them flowing! After hours of conceptualizing, sketching, fixing and after a whole lot of DIY projects, she finally finished the dream craft room...




And she designed and crafted happily ever after...

Okay, that's supposed to be the end of my story but I know some of you must be dying to see the real post and a few more pictures (as you should be) so here:

Enjoy the happy ending! I have to go enjoy the cool weather and sleep some more. *wink*


You sent the heat over here!!! I'm meltin'....drip...drip...lol.
Love the happy ending....always nice to see someone's dream come true. x

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