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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are You a Wall-Nut?

If there's anything more uninspiring than my craft table, it's the blank wall behind it. No shelves, no art, no nothing. So. How about a little inspiration for some wall art? I could definitely use some. I've always been interested in word/phrase/sentence wall art so here goes. Hope you find inspiration!

Wendy Crafts



Creative Carmela

And I just found this cool Etsy Shop selling a great variety of Wall Art Decal! Check it out, her creations are gorgeous and would be perfect for your craft room.

Disclaimer: This isn't an ad and I don't get anything for this. ;) I just thought you guys might find it interesting.

Empressive Designs - Etsy Shop

A few examples:
Everything I can Hide Crafters Vinyl Wall Art Decal- TWO COLORS
Creativity Is Messy Humorous Vinyl Wall Decal for Art, Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Sewing, and Craft Rooms

Here's one that's not art-related but I'm sure you all can still relate to and agree!
Laundry The Most Memorable Days Usually End with the Dirtiest Clothes Vinyl Wall Decal- TWO COLORS

A girl after your own heart right?? :)

Lastly, let me leave with this:



How fun! Your space looks great!

Thanks, hon. Wish it was mine though.. :( These are just inspiration from other crafties.. I'm still waiting for that one fine day when I can have my very own craft room.:) It'll come.

Love these ideas, and always enjoy your headings as well. Very 'creative'. I don't have any room on my walls to put anything. All used up, lol. Blessings Hilde

Aww, thanks, Hilde. :) I rack my brains every time for a good heading. lol Glad to know someone enjoys them.. :)

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